10 80s Cartoons That Were Just Awesome!

In the 80s we weren’t afraid to say that some things were made for girls and some were made for boys. Whether it was toys or cartoons they were definitely marketed to one sex or the other. Thats not to say that the boys didn’t play with girls toys and vice versa, it was just the girls found it a lot easier to admit! So here are 8 cartoons that were marketed towards boys, but we bet that loads of girls watched them too? So Having said all that here is a list of classic 80s cartoons we all watched

 1. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

classic cartoons

He Man was Filmation production first broadcast in 1983. As with a lot of 80s cartoons it was essentially a marketing tool to sell the toyline. Although He-man only originally aired for two seasons it was repeated and remained popular throughout the 80s. I have the power!

2. The Real Ghostbusters


After the success of the motion picture, Columbia decided that they wanted a piece of the Children’s market and so set out to produce a cartoon version of the Ghostbusters. They immediatley found themselves faced with a dispute from Filmation who already had a completley unrelated cartoon called Ghostbusters on TV, this is why they ulyimatley had to add ‘The Real’ to the title. Regardless of this The Real Ghostbusters was very succesful and in turn sold lots of merchandise. Despite being aimed at children I remember some of the episodes actually being quite scary!